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Our company’s facilities are constantly upgraded,
optimized and upgraded walking around with the latest technology.

Flizelin quilting
We can make third layer – flizelin quilting, which prevents non-woven material from migrating through the fabric or used as a lining.
AMANN yarn
In the manufacture of stitching, the German company AMANN Serafil 120/3 or other similarly reinforced yarns are used most often.
Variety of stitching patterns
on ``Catalogue``
Various other variants of stitching patterns are available, as well as samples provided by customers.

    To expand and find reliable partners not only in Lithuania but also in the foreign market.


    Create as many jobs as possible, boost your capabilities and strive for innovative innovations when designing your own exclusive product.


    Providing quality services for Lithuanian and foreign wearers, mattresses, upholstered furniture manufacturers.


    We place a special emphasis on quality, so it is not strange that our motto is: “Let our experience be reflected in the quality of the work done!”

About us

UAB „Luksiu tekstile“ provides stitching services by multineedle beds stitcher machines. Stitched fabrics with synthetic bat are used in the clothing production (stitched backing) as well as in the production furnishing and bedding (stitched mattresses, pillows, wraps). About 90% of services are exported to countries of West europe. In compliance with the needs of clients, the equipment is renovated and updated constantly. Presently there are three multineedle beds stitching machines. All of them are operated by computer control and two of them – automatic cutting machines. There are the stitching department, which has about 10 employees. The production is made from company’s stitched materials. We are looking for stitching orders.

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Why you have to choose us?

We are one of the few companies in Lithuania that provide tissue weaving services and have accumulated extensive experience in this field. By improving the quality of service, renewal and increased capacity, we strive to find every kind of clothes, furniture, mattresses, bedding manufacturer or private customer. We do not restrict the Lithuanian market – we are happy to cooperate and we are looking for new customers in the foreign market. Let our experience be reflected in the quality of the work done!


Head office:
Lukšių k. 1A, Lukšių sen., LT-71176 Šakių rajonas
Registration adress :
Draugystės g.39, Lukšiai, LT-71182 Šakių rajonas

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Production manager


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